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Example structured paragraphs for British Source Exam 2012 Question One, Two, Three, Four and Five 

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History Exam Homework 25/4/12
Number One What can you learn from Source A about the impact of the Depression?
One thing that I can infer from Source A is that the Great Depression was slow to
progress to its worse phase; I can infer this because the greatest number of %
unemployed was worse four years after the Wall Street Crash.
A second thing that I can infer from Source A is that the Great Depression struggled to
level out and get out of the economic crisis; I can infer this because the numbers level in
the last three years of the chart. It shows me that the ascent to the worst stages of the
Great Depression were steady where as when they were coming out of the depression it
would fall then rise again.
Number Two) What was the purpose of these Newspaper headlines? Use details of the
newspaper headlines and your own knowledge to explain your answer.
One thing that I can infer from source B is that the D-day plans went well on the first day
of invasion, I can infer this because the news paper headlines write about "We win
beachheads" and the phrase "all going to plan" This would make the reader think that the
British and other forces took the coast with very little problems, further more it would
prevent the families in England feel safer. However this Newspaper was written for
civilians, this discredits its reliability. This is because I am aware that the from the start
of the war in 1939, all newspapers, letters and phone calls were censored for military
information about the war. This means though the advance may have gone badly they
wouldn't have wanted the information to have been leaked in case the Nazi's could use
this to their advantage. As this is the case I also can infer that the Ministry of Information
were behind this article, making this a product of what the government wanted to
behave like and think. In conclusion I believe that this article's purpose was to convince
the public that the advance was a great success and that they should not be concerned,
also this newspaper article is effectively propaganda as it makes the government look
good. However this could also be to the British army's advantage as it could be leaked on
purpose similar to when they tried to convince the German forces that they were
attacking French coasts instead of Norway.
Number Three) How far do these sources agree about the D-day landings? Explain your
answer, using the sources.
From Source A I can suggest that the British and other invaders took heavy fire and
losses on the attack, I can infer this because the source reads "Many others killed by
mines" This shows that the soldiers were unprepared for the strength of the defence on
the beaches, I know that the government carefully leaked false information to make the
German Government believe that the British forces were going to attack from the French
coast. This would have left the Norway beaches moderately clear from a large defence
force; however the source describes heavy bombing and machine gun fire suggesting
that the advance didn't go as planned. I can trust this source as it is a firsthand account,

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US army report, this means that the
source wouldn't have been censored or affected by government propaganda.
From Source B I can infer that the British and other invaders were very successful on
D-Day, I can infer this because the Newspaper articles header states "All going to
plan'-Premier" This gives the appearance that the soldiers making the advance on the
Norway beaches came into no real serious defences or setbacks.…read more

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TIME not later on. However, this could also be questioned as it a
claims that accurate accounts were kept to show the support and document it.
One thing that I can infer from Source B about people's attitudes towards those on the
Jarrow Crusade is that they were once again supported by the public; I can infer this
because they felt that it was like a holiday.…read more

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British Pilots" whereas this particular source is about the Polish Fighter Pilots in the
RAF. Therefore overall we cannot use this source overly because though it explains the
experience of one RAF pilot he was not British, however we could look at the source to
see how the RAF would have been run and how each pilot no matter the race was treated.…read more


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