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History Exam Homework 25/4/12

Number One What can you learn from Source A about the impact of the Depression?

One thing that I can infer from Source A is that the Great Depression was slow to
progress to its worse phase; I can infer this because the greatest number of…

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it is also not written to be published, this is a official US army report, this means that the
source wouldn't have been censored or affected by government propaganda.
From Source B I can infer that the British and other invaders were very successful on
D-Day, I can infer this…

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to find out ideas at the TIME not later on. However, this could also be questioned as it a
claims that accurate accounts were kept to show the support and document it.
One thing that I can infer from Source B about people's attitudes towards those on the
Jarrow Crusade…

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"British Pilots" whereas this particular source is about the Polish Fighter Pilots in the
RAF. Therefore overall we cannot use this source overly because though it explains the
experience of one RAF pilot he was not British, however we could look at the source to
see how the RAF would…


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