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Like the last one but this is for 3rd Movement from Electric Counterpoint (fast)

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3rd Movement (fast) from Electric Counterpoint has a melody made of a wide range of notes
but mainly uses high notes (B and above). It is based on small cells that either repeat or
end up being manipulated by addition or subtraction of notes. The cells transform
gradually and repeat.
The tonality is ambiguous as it is not in one fixed key. Despite this, there are elements of G
major in the piece. The harmony is consonant.
The texture is polyphonic (except in bar 21) and builds up gradually when more recorded
loops are added. There are never less than two guitars playing as the live guitarist is
always accompanied by a recorded loop. In bar 21 all of the parts play the same notes and
revision and all the parts play long notes at the end. The bass guitars and lines five, six and
seven disappear at bar 13.
There is a wide range of dynamics and the structure is built around this. The tempo is 192
and the piece is repetitive. The piece builds up to an ff climax.
The pulse does not change. The piece uses phase shifting and has polyrhythm.


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