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A high grade answer on the subject of Ethnicity and achievement in education hope it helps anyone struggling with what content to answer with in their exams.

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Assess sociological explanations of ethnic differences in educational
There are clear differences in achievement within different ethnicities for example the
Chinese population in the UK have a very high 5 A*-C GCSE pass rate as does the Indian
population with the Chinese averaging at about 80% and Indian averaging at about 70%
lowest achievers are Black Caribbean which has 40% pass rate and Black African which has
about 45% pass rate. Since 1992 all types of ethnicities have had a significant improvement
in their pass rates, but in particular Indians whom used to have the same pass rate as white
ethnicity but now have a 20% higher pass rate which shows the dramatic increase in
educational achievement for the Indian population. One reason for the ethnic achievement
being how it is, is down to some ethnic minorities having a larger percentage of middle class
people resulting in them benefitting from being middle class in the form of education, which
could be seen as a reason for the Black minority having a low percentage pass rate as they
have a higher percentage of working class people thus meaning they are less likely to go to
schools in `good school' catchment areas.
There are many reasons why different ethnicities one reason is because teachers sometimes
label students by their ethnicity when they first meet the students however a number of
studies have shown that labels are simply based on stereotypes rather than hard evidence
for example studies have shown that teachers may be responding to media stereotypes of
black youths as criminals, "gangster rappers" or at least a problem in the classroom. The
labelling negatively affects the students as teachers may spend less time trying to tolerate
`Black students' and sending them out more frequently as they see them as a hindrance to
the class. This also produces a self-fulfilling prophesy where they live up to their label and as
result from anti-school sub-cultures and reject the values and ethos of their school. Another
reason for the difference in educational achievement is down to material factors for example
material deprivation really negatively affects a child's education. Material deprivation could
result in adults not being able to provide their children with educational toys such as
computers and books which would mean the children would have limited depth to study into
especially in this day and age where so much information is gained from the internet and
there has been a huge increase of educational programs on the internet being used to help
with education. Another thing material deprivation could lead to is the child working at a
early age to help pay for things which would give the child less time to study as he would
have his/her time spent working for some extra wonga. Also material deprivation could lead
to immediate gratification which is when the child leaves school as soon as possible to go
into work. Material deprivation can also lead to the negative effects like less space to study,
increased bulling in school meaning increased truancy, health problems resulting in more
days off, higher rates of stress and mental illness in the parents meaning they are in no
condition to provide their children with the support they need. As well as material factors
there are also cultural factors which effect educational achievement for example cultural
deprivation plays a huge part in underachievement. Cultural deprivation is a term used to

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Indian Chinese families as a result of them living in a tight knit
family setting, there is also evidence that there is a high percentage of Black Caribbean
families being single parent families which is a factor in the underachievement of Black
Caribbean children as they might not get the correct balance parenting wise or the right
discipline resulting in the child being rebellious in school.…read more


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