Example Essay - Parental Investment

Even if you're not doing this topic, it may be something useful to look at.

As part of my revision, I wrote every single possible essay so I knew how much information I could fit in. You'll have about half an hour to answer a twenty four mark question, and during this time most people can write between 600-700 words. By typing up each essay, I could then condense them down to make sure they were below the word limit. I'd then know that I could fit it all in during the exam.

This essay answers the question 'Discuss sex differences in parental investment', which is the question that came up in my actual A2 exam (June 2014). Therefore my answer would have been almost identical to this, using the same evaluation points and studies.

It may be useful to see how the essay's structured and how much information you need to include. How the IDA points are used and integrated into the main body of the essay.

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There tends to be large differences between maternal and paternal investment, with women
tending to make the biggest prenatal and postnatal contribution when bringing up a child. A female
produces fewer gametes in her lifetime, meaning she can only give birth to one child in a year,
whereas a male…

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Overall, the theory of parental investment can be seen as reductionist. Rowe has stated that
personal and social conditions (like the father's personality) affects how much males invest into their
offspring. The theory tries to break down complex behaviour into a basic process of evolution,
ignoring other factors.

Finally, on…


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