Examine the Ways in Which Two of the Following Agencies May Shape the Process of Socialisation

  • Ways in which agencies of socialisaton influence/shape an individual's process of socialisation
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Examine the ways in which two of the following agencies may
shape the process of socialisation: family, education, mass
media, and religion

The process of socialisation is responsible for allowing an individual to be able to
interact with others within society and equipping him or her with the skills to…

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is through the way the child is taught the roles women and men should stereotypically
play in society, with the female being the carer and the male being the breadwinner.

A third way in which the family shapes the process of socialisation is by helping children
to internalize culture and…

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billboards advertising products and TV programmes, amongst other things. On most
buses today, passengers have access to the media, through the metro newspapers
which are at the front of the bus or ones that have been left behind by other passengers.

Mass media allows an individual's social life and social…

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years' time the media will most probably be the agency dominating the process of
socialisation, becoming the most important agency in regards to shaping the process of


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