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Examine sociological views on the functions of the family.
Claire Jones

The family is a unique part of society, which is found in every country and culture in the world.
The forms it takes on vary so greatly across different societies, that many say it is impossible to
define the…

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contradictions in modern society. For instance, although women are becoming more equal in the work
place, which would suggest the progression of society, he ignores the fact that domestic labour is
still largely done by women. This, it could be argued, shows that women are in fact becoming less

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the family, there is a lot of domestic labour such as childcare and housework, and this is still largely
done by women even though more women than ever are working fulltime outside of the home too. It
is the women who do much of the work, but men receive the…

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two married parents should be the ones to benefit from government money, because they are more
benefit to society. They point at feminism, greater sexual freedom, and tolerance of homosexuality
as other causes of nuclear family breakdown, which all need to be tackled to improve society and
allow the family…


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