Examine the value of religious experience within one or more religion(s).

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Propositional Revelation,
e.g. Guru Nanak
outline types
Revelation, e.g. the Buddha
universal truths, the future,
Paragraph 1: Revelations content of revelations
the present, spiritual help.
reveal knowledge of God/
definition; 'a R.E is an
Ultimate Reality, explain
encounter with the divine. It
using previous example.
is a non-empirical
occurrence which brings
about an awareness of the
revelations have often led to
foundation of faith.
received the Qur'an over a
period of 23 years.
Islam - Muhammad,
propositional revelation.
contains important
information for Muslims.
various R.E have led to the
outline types of R.E
foundation of a faith
Mystical Experience
Buddhism - the Buddha, period of reflection,
non-propositional revelation. enlightenment, karma etc.
Revelations Paragraph 2: Foundation of
Examine the value of faiths are still followed
... add value to religions.
religious experience within today, founded by R.E.
one or more religion(s).
God revealed to Moses that
R.E have inspired specific
he would kill every first born
Every year they celebrate aspects of faiths e.g the
in Egypt, but instructed
Passover to commemorate Holy book.
Moses to tell the Israelites to Judaism - Passover
the liberation of the children
mark their doors with lambs
of Egypt.
blood and he would pass
over them. Judaism. Moses - receiving
e.g. dietary laws
613 commandments.
Paragraph 4: Religious
The Church now holds a On the day of Pentecost, the
Festivals R.E have provided specific governs moral behaviour
feast on this day every year disciples experienced the Christianity - Pentecost Christianity. Moses - 10
teachings that govern e.g. do not kill, commit
to remember Pentecost Holy Spirit commandments
religious believers lives adultery.
Paragraph 3: Laws &
keeps R.E central to
Religious Practice collection of teachings e.g.
religions as they are the
value Buddhism. Buddha - Dharma the Four Noble Truths, the
source of many important
Eightfold Path etc.
religious festivals
guides and governs how
value religious believers should
act and live.


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