Examination Technique - Part 1

Part 1 discusses how to answer an a) type question

Part 2 is to follow, which will discuss b) type question

Based on option C2, The chanigng roles of women for edexcel

Questions taken from the unit book by martin collier

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Practice Questions
Option C2 : The Changing Role of Women

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Section 1 ­ Question A
Focal Point Techniques
Try to reach a judgement through analysing, cross referencing and evaluating the source
The only knowledge which you will need to use is your contextual knowledge
Relate the evidence you have given straight into the questions
In the exam make small mind maps, one with points of agreement, and the other
points of disagreement with the sources
Deal with the sources collectively, through the maps of agreement and disagreement
Do not copy or rewrite the source…read more

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Some Questions to Try....
To time yourself on these questions use the following link Time Yourself
1) Study Sources C , E and G.…read more


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