Exam style q's on materials

Some past paper questions on materials. It inlcudes multiple choice questions also sooooo enjoy!

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Physics Exam Style questions:
1. A kitchen freezer of total mass 300 kg (including contents) rests on a vinyl plastic floor covering.
Calculate the weight of the freezer and its contents. (2 marks)
2. A ball bearing is released in a measuring cylinder filled with oil. To increase the time taken for the
ball bearing to reach the bottom, which one of the following would have to increase:
The temperature of the oil
The viscosity of the oil
The gravitational field strength
The density of the ball bearing
3. A submarine is moving through the ocean to search for destroyed ships. The submarine has a
volume of 7100 m3.
Show that the weight of the submarine is about 7 × 107 N.
Density of sea water = 1030 kg m-3
4. The diagram shows four forces acting on an aeroplane.
(i)Which of the following shows the correct two relationships if the aeroplane is climbing at a constant

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The aeroplane is now flown at a constant altitude but an increasing speed.
Which of the following pairs of forces will have the same magnitude?
Drag and Weight
Drag and Thrust
Lift and Drag
Lift and Weight
5. One method used to find the viscosity of a liquid is to measure the terminal velocity of a solid
spherical object falling through it.
In such an experiment the following data are provided:
weight of sphere = 4.8 × 10­3 N
radius of sphere = 2.…read more


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