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1. Identify these two organelles from their descriptions and state their functions:

a. An oval shaped organelle surrounded by a double membrane. The inner membrane is
folded and projects into the inner space, which is filled with grainy material

Site of aerobic respiration
(2 marks)

b. A collection of…

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Where the contents of the cortical granules are released from the egg
The chemicals from the cortical granules make the zona pellucida thick and
impenetrable to other sperm
So that only one sperm can fertilise the egg cell
The sperm nucleus enters the egg cell
And fuses with the…

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Over generations adaptations become more common in population
(5 marks)

7. Compare the structure and function of Xylem vessels and Sclerenchyma fibres
Transport water and mineral ions
Cells longer than they are wide
Have no cytoplasm
No end walls
They are made of dead cells joined end to…

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1st phase ­ testing drug on small group of healthy people
Done to determine any side effects/ Safe dosage
2nd phase ­ testing group on large group of patients
To see how well drug works
3rd phase ­ larger group of patients
Compare effectiveness compared to existing drugs
Patients randomly…


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