Exam Questions for Physics

These questions on the document, are questions which you can earn 6 marks. I think these type of questions are quite good to practise because if you can answer them then you can answer, the easy questions about the certain topic.

good luck ! if you want the asnwers feel free to email me.. just comment below asking for it :)

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Longer Answer Questions
Question (1)
Use the idea of tectonic plates to explain why all of the continents have not been eroded down to
sea level [6]
Question (2)
Describe the main events in the history of the Solar System from its formation until appearance of the
human race [6]
Question (3)
Alfred Wagener's theory of continental drift explains how the continents can move over time.
Describe Wagener's theory
Give two pieces of evidence that support his theory [6]
Question (1)
A recent advertising campaign had the slogan `Slip, Slap, Slop' ­ Slip on a t-shirt, Slap on some
sunscreen and slop on a hat
Explain why the government encourages its citizens to use sunscreen when sunbathing.
Explain why people do not always agree about the risks involved [6]
Question (2)
There was a time when all TV broadcasts used analogue signals. Now the government are preparing
to switch all the signals over to digital. Explain the advantages of digital transmission over analogue
transmission [6]



can i have the answers please? cheers

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