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Evolutionary explanations of human reproductive behaviour
The evolutionary approach argues that human reproductive behaviours have been shaped by
sexual selection.

In evolutionary terms, natural selection is the process by which certain characteristics and
behaviours get passed on in the gene pool because they give the individual a better chance

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participants to use self-report techniques. It is therefore possible that participants gave
socially desirable answers in terms of what they were looking for in a partner.

Waynforth and Dunbar

Analysed lonely hearts columns and found more males sought a youthful and attractive
mate than women. They also found then men…

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Finally most of the evidence for evolutionary theory is based on presumed knowledge about
past human environments leading to speculations about which behaviours may have been
adaptive and passed on. However these are all presumptive speculations rather than hard
facts and evolutionary theory is very difficult to test experimentally. Therefore…


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