Evolutionary Explanations of Anorexia ESSAY PLAN / NOTES

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Evolutionary Explanations of Anorexia
Guisinger: Some features of AN are: Difficult to prove/dispute can't explain the
restriction of food intake, denial of recent increase in AN or why it is more
starvation and hyperactivity would have common in females than men.
enabled early humans to migrate in
response to local famine.
Anorexic symptoms will `switch off'
the usual response to starvation
and gives individuals the energy to
move somewhere else for the
benefit of their survival.
Anorexia nervosa is more prevalent in One of the effects on the body of anorexia
women. Crawford: states that there is an is the stopping of menstruation. This is an
adaptive advantage to being thin as it evolutionary disadvantage because the
attracts men, a thin woman is more likely women becomes infertile and being
to be provided for in terms of food and infertile means that genetic material has
safety. no chance of being passed to the next
generation, since there cannot be a next
Wasser and Barach states that women
are able to give birth to and look after
relatively few children in the course of their
lives. If they give birth where there is little
food around the child may not survive (uh
Surbe: Anorexia nervosa is adaptive Why could a disorder be adaptive? A
because it delays the onset of fertility to disorder is something that is wrong, so
later in life and provides the woman with how can it be beneficial?
the chance to pursue avenues of
endeavour that families may find
acceptable and that ultimately will allow
them to provide better for a child born in
later life.
Voland and Voland's: Research has Those who stop menstruating are
suggested that anorexics are extremely temporarily unable to reproduce and
caring and protective of their own families, some don't even survive, this does not
and anorexics women often come from make sense from an evolutionary
extremely protective, and possibly perspective.
overprotective family environments.
May be beneficial for the others around
them (in the past) because if someone
was not interested in eating when times

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We cannot research the past so we
cannot tell if these explanations have any
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