Evolutionary explanations into the attraction of celebrity neophilia

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Media psychology
Evolutionary explanations into the attraction of celebrity- Neophilia
AO1 Describe
Neophilia is the love of novelty that humans posses. For females choosing a mate,
this would have led to a demand for more creative displays from potential
partners. Male choice could have favoured creative courtship displays, which
explains many characteristics that are uniquely developed in humans such as music,
art and humour. Because artists, actors and musicians display these qualities in
abundance we are attracted to them. Although natural selection favours skills that
enhance survival, sexual selection favours those who display creative
characteristics. Celebrities represent the world of fantasy so we are attracted to
them because of their association with it.
Evidence- Miller
As we are attracted to new things, sexual selection might favour minds prone to
inventing attractive, imaginative fantasies- the kinds of fantasies we witness in
the work of artists, film stars and musicians. Females are more attracted to new
attractive things.
AO2 Evaluate
Investigated the effect of different male bird songs and found that the male
birds with the most unique songs tended to have the most female mates. This
supports Neophilia as it shows creativity is attractive and the attraction to
creativity is genetic. The fact that this is genetic supports the idea that the
attraction to creativity has evolved overtime. However this evidence cannot be
generalised to humans as it is based on animals.
MAOA and creativity
It has been found that people who have high levels of the emzyme MAOA are
usually more creative. This enzyme is genetic so therefore creativity is genetic.
This shows there is a genetic basis for creativity in humans.
Duck and boredom relationships
Found that after interviewing several people about why they ended a relationship
and found that most people said they ended a relationship because they were
bored (lack of creativity). This shows that creative people are more attractive.

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Media psychology
No evolutionary explanation can explain how homosexuality has evolved.
These theories only explain why females choose mates, we don't know if males
are attracted to creative females.…read more


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