Evolutionary explanations into attraction of celebrity: neophilia

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Psychology unit 4 media revision
Evolutionary explanations into attraction of celebrity
This is attraction to creativity through new or novel things. Through sexual
selection, females prefer males who are more creative resulting in females
choosing males who give the most creative courtship displays. These males will
reproduce and survive successfully and so overtime males will become more
creative and non creative males won't survive. Artists, actors and musicians are
very creative and so females are attracted to them.
Darwin found that male birds with the most unique songs tended to have more
females. This shows that creativity is genetic as birds and humans have the same
MAOA and creativity some people with abnormal levels of MAOA are more
creative which shows that creativity has a genetic basis.
Duck found that the main reason for relationships to end is boredom or a lack
of creativity. This shows that people who aren't creative are less attractive so
creative people are attractive.
The theory doesn't explain why males are attracted to females as it only focuses
on females being attracted to creative males.
Doesn't explain why we are attracted to celebrities who aren't creative such as
sportsmen and sportswomen which suggests other factors are involved.


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