Evolutionary explanations for group display in humans in lynch mobs

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Psychology unit 3 aggression
Evolutionary explanations for group display in humans- lynch mobs
Description- natural selection
Lynch mobs occur as competition increases due to more rivals. For example the
KKK had rivals increasing such as Jews, Catholics and black rights. This means
their power was threatened so they had to fight to get this power back as they
were scared to lose it to their rivals. This is called Blalock's power-threat
hypothesis. The membership numbers of the KKK fluctuated with the level of
threat to their power. It was highest when the threat was increasing.
/ Corzine and Creech found that the larger the concentration of the minority
group, the greater the degree of lynching was found. However, the findings were
only found in 1 area of the southern states of the USA, in other areas there was
no link between minority group size and number of lynching events. This means
that the power-threat hypothesis may only apply to areas where there has been a
long history of violence.
In Sao Paulo the percentage of Afro-Brazilian's in the community was negatively
correlated to the number of incidents of lynch mob violence. This doesn't support
the power-threat hypothesis.


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