Evolutionary Explanations for Eating Behaviour - Building Block

Here is the fourth building block for the Eating unit. This one may be more helpful because this is the question which came up in my actual exam, so you know that these points are credible. Like with the others, a lot of these studies aren't in the textbook but they are more memorable and interesting. They'll stick in your mind a lot better.

If anyone wants my anorexia building blocks then let me know - I won't upload them for now because these ones don't have any new studies. I used the textbook completely for them :)

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Building block: Evolutionary Explanations for Food Preference

AO / IDA Content of paragraph
AO1 In the EEA, we were hunter-gatherers. Food not consistently available and
used up energy searching whether found any or not.
Environment This and uncertainty about when will next eat meant favoured high energy
of Evolutionary content,…

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Building block: Evolutionary Explanations for Food Avoidance

AO1 In the EEA, poisonous foods tended to have bitter, sour flavour.
An innate taste aversion to these is adaptive, as prevents it being eaten and
Food poisoning ourselves. Works for gone-off meat too.
Avoidance in A near miss reinforces this dislike through…


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