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Evolutionary Approach to
A2 Psychology…read more

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The evolutionary approach assumes that we form relationships in order to
ensure our survival and produce healthy offspring
Evolutionary psychologists say that evolution is responsible for our
behaviour in relationships…read more

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Evolutionary Explanation of Breakdown
Throughout our evolutionary history it is evident
that relationships have always broken down to
some extent.
The evolutionary approach suggests that due to the
differences in males and females, the reactions to a
relationship breakdown will be significantly
There are 4 main factors that influence the
reactions to relationship breakdown
Emotional Investment
Increasing Commitment
Reputation…read more

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Emotional Investment
The evolutionary approach suggests the most
important factor men look for in a partner is
good genes whereas the important factor for
females is the amount of resources the male
By losing the emotional investment of their
partner (breakdown of relationship) the female
would have higher costs as they are losing
resources ­ whereas a male can just find
another female.…read more

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Increasing Commitment
Males will exploit the fact that
emotional commitment is so high in
If they are threatened that the
relationship may breakdown they will
try to maintain their sexual access to
their mate by increasing commitment.
E.g. asking them to be married or to live
together…read more

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Males have evolved the desire for
sexual variety therefore they are more
likely to cheat than females
Males can use this to end a relationship
that they don't want to be in e.g. they
are unfaithful to their partner because
they want there to be an excuse to end
the relationship…read more

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great slides - really detailed strengths and weaknesses. 

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