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Science Exam: B1b revision.

Reproduction and genes

. Individuals need to reproduce to prevent a species from dying out.

. There are two types of reproduction: sexual and asexual.

. Asexual reproduction requires only one parent and produces genetically identical offspring (clones).

. Asexual reproduction allows organisms to reproduce…

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. The modified chromosomes are put back into the bacteria, which now produce human insulin.

. Genes for resistance to pests and weed killers can be transferred into plant cells by genetic


. Clones are genetically identical individuals.

. Producing new plants by taking cuttings from older plants…

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. Similarities between fossils and living species provide evidence for evolution.

. Jean-Baptiste Lamarck thought that an organism's environment caused it to change, and that these
changes were passed on to offspring.

. Darwin later put forward his theory of evolution by natural selection.

Natural selection

. Charles Darwin observed…

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. More land is used for agriculture and building.

. Fertilisers and pesticides used in agriculture pollute the environment.

. More waste is produced and raw materials such as fossil fuels are being used up.

. Land which was once a habitat for plants or animals is no longer available.…

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. Sustainable development requires management at local, regional and global levels.

. Measures that can be taken include:

. Recycling of resources such as paper, glass and aluminium.

. Use of renewable energy resources, such as wind power and solar power.

. energy-efficient homes, using insulation and double glazing.



lisa linsdell


Good revision notes with sub-headings. Covers information on genetics, cloning ect.

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