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Fact ­ information that can be verified and is held to be true.
Factual Claim ­ A statement or judgement that is based on information that
can be verified and is held to be true.
Evidence ­ Something that is used to develop or support a reason. Evidence
is often in the form of numerical data, an estimate, or a factual claim. Indicator
words include for example, such as, for instance.
Examples ­ Something which is used as evidence because it is characteristic
of the same kind of thing or because it can serve to illustrate a principle. Do not
include when identifying a reason.
Problems with Surveys and Sampling ­ the main issue is the size of the
sample and whether it represents the whole of society.
Evaluating Evidence ­ for evidence to be reliable it should be from a source
that is reputable, authoritative, and without a mutative to mislead (biased or
vested interest). Make sure it's relevant to the reason if not it does not help
support the conclusion. Is the reason reliable, relevant, and representative? Is it
ambiguous and could it be interpreted differently?
Identify ­ when a question asks you to identify it means quote directly out of the


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