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The Spartans
Encouraged homosexuality
Women got much freedom
Militaristic city-state and had much slavery
Sparta enslaved many slaves called the helots from Messenia.
It was not an easy task, took 2x 20 year battles
Spartan men only fought and trained. They could not help out there
family at home
Spartan children had to go through a very harsh training system
They also had to be physically superior at birth otherwise they would
be tossed off a mountain.
Their training systems were called the agogae
They were encouraged to steal to claim food, but if they were caught
they would get flogged.
Boys who showed promise were taken out at night to kill helots
Whilst others would steel cheese whilst being beaten ­ some even
beaten to death
There was little or no teaching of basic needs. Eg reading and writing
Although dancing and music was extremely important as it was used in
war drills and they could march in line.
Soldiers entered the Syssitia after many years of service.
In the hierarchy of Sparta, the homoioi are the top; or the Spartiates.
Leonidas was part of the Argidai when the Persians were approaching.
The Spartans had 7 helots for each Spartan.
Sparta is a village and not a region
Sparta is the capital of Lakedaimon, a state within Lakonia.
The Spartans are often referred to as the Lakedaimonians.
Sparta was situated in the Peloponnese, which was only connected to the
rest of Greece by a narrow stretch of land.
Some of the planes in the Peloponnese are fertile, but the majority
The eurotas valley was the centre of Spartan civilization
It provided water for all the Spartans.
It got the run off from many mountains
The Spartans were surrounded by 2 big mountains called the Tygietis
Thucydides was an exiled Athenian who often visited Sparta.
He wrote a good history of the war between Sparta and Athens.
Sparta, although it wasn't beautiful was the powerhouse of Greece
throughout the dark ages
Two types of authors:
o Admirers: loved the Spartans and envied their society
o Detractors: did not like the Spartans very much. They
exaggerated the negatives and made them look worse.
Spartan Society

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The Parthenai ­ illegitimate offspring of Helots and Spartans
o The Neodamodes ­ Helots given freedom to the Spartan state
o The Tresantes ­ Spartan cowards who lost their citizenship
o The Mothoces ­ Sons of Helots adopted as playmates to Spartan
o Lowest in society
o Pre-Dorian inhabitants of Laconia, conquered by Sparta
o State owned and lived with spartiate families
o Had to produce a fixed amount for their masters and could
use/sell the surplus
o Servants in war too
o…read more

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Kings had to make a monthly oath that they would govern fairly
o Allowed to claim some spoils from war, and were served first
with a double portion at the messes
o Everyone accept the ephors had to stand up in the kings
o If a king were to die then an official morning period were to be
o Gerousia limited the amount of power the king had
o Made up of 28 Spartiates over 60
o Elected by the loudest cheer…read more

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Ball: yearly event, 2 teams of 15 Spartiates.…read more

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Kopis was a curved sword with all its weight at the top designed
for hacking
During hoplite warefare it was normal that everyone drifted towards
the right side as the person on the right was least protected
Thucydides Description:
File 8 deep
An enemotia is 4 files (32 men)
An enemotarck commanded this
4 enemotiai made a pentekostys (128 men)
the leader of a pentekostys was the pentekonter
4 pentekostyes made a lochos (576 men)
Each obe sent a lochos
Xenephon's Description:
the enemotia…read more




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