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Of mice and men
The title: inspired by the poem "to a mouse" by Robert Burns
John Steinbeck chose this title because it relates to the ideas explored in of
mice and men. That despite how hard you work and how much you plan fate
is control, your life is predetermined. The characters in Steinbeck's novella
all have their own version of the American dream; the only thing in the way
of their dreams becoming reality is fate. Throughout the novella we learn
that most characters are victims of broken dreams.
Set in 1930s America
explores difficult lives of migrant workers following the wall
street crash
published in 1937
Context paragraph: John Steinbeck's "of mice and men" was published
in 1937, following the 1929 Wall Street crash which crippled the country and
forced millions to be faced with unemployment and travel from ranch to
ranch in order to find work. This era is known today as the great depression.
Steinbeck explores...
John Steinbeck:
born in Salinas, California
wrote many novels which covered the hardships of people
living during the great depression
despite his family being wealthy he worked on a ranch as he
was interested in the lives of migrant workers and wanted to
gain experience for his novels

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Name Significance Personality Appearance Relationships
of name with others
George George is Short "Small and Slim- forms a
Milton- Greek for tempered quick, dark of close
dynamic farmer- links Paternal face, with relationship,
restless eyes
character with theme Sharp in
and sharp
trusts him as he
of fate every way strong talks about the
John Milton's (features, features" incident in weed
"paradise mind) Lennie- Have a
lost" poem Paranoid father and son
highlights Vigilant like relationship,
that mankind despite not
is destined to admitting…read more

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Lennie could be
compared to a wild animal that has been embraced , in this sense, by
George to perform labour and work in order to achieve their American
Like all animals he also possesses an uncontrollable side that could be
dangerous "he pawed up the hay until it partly covered her" ­he is
animalistic in his urges, desires and passions and doesn't have awareness
or a conscience
Name Significance Personalit Appearance Relationship
of name y with others
Crooks- he is It's a Lonely…read more

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Name Significance Personality Appearance Relationship
of name with others
Candy- use Candy itself Impudent "the door He is close to
as a plot is sweet and (casually opened and a his dog
developmen pleasing rude) tall, stoop mostly as he
t "candid" ­ Powerless
man came in"
isn't that
open about Talkative respected on
his thoughts the ranch
and feelings Forms a
Openly relationship
criticises with George
others and Lennie
after they
allow him to
join making
their dream
Name Significance Personality Appearance…read more

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Curley As well as Angry "thin young Implied that he
his hair it Aware of man with married his wife
could his power brown face, for the
symbolise Violent with brown convenience
his wild, Mean eyes and a Lack of love for
untamed spirited head of his wife is shown
personality insecure tightly curled at the end when
hair" Curley cares
more about
violence than
stopping to
mourn the death
of his wife
Name Significance personality appearance Relationship
of name with others
Slim- used Thoughtful…read more

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Lennie and
Slim is quickly established as the character that is most at peace with
themselves. Because of this we constantly compare characters with him,
to intensify their weakness. For example Curley "wore high heeled boots"
to superficially show power, whereas slim has an "authority so great that
his word was taken on any subject" showing that his respect comes
naturally.…read more

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Name Significanc personality Appearance Relationship
e of name with others
Carlson Portrayed "A powerful
as selfish big
as he has stomached
for candy's
the dog
he isn't
Name Significance personality Appearance Relationship with
of name others
The boss We don't Fair "he wore
learn his Suspiciou high-heeled
real name s boots and
spurs to
prove he was
highlights not a
his labouring
authority man"
Key quotes for Themes
Dreams and hopes…read more

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They fell into silence, they looked at one another amazed.…read more

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I have to sock you?"
"I could get you strung up on a tree so easy"
"I'll kill the big son of a bitch myself"
"Listen nigger, you know what I could do to you if you open
your trap?"
"they let the nigger come in that night"
"I aint wanted in the bunkhouse"
"guys don't come into a coloured man's room very much"
"at last candy said softly and hopelessly"
"This is just a nigger talkin"
"they left all the week ones…read more

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Paradise lost poem
There are similarities with john Milton's paradise lost poem
including the actions of imperfect humans, the presence of
temptation and the consequence of doing sinful things
By giving George the last name Milton it seems to show that
he is a man doomed to loneliness, wanting to live in paradise
(the farm)
In the end of the novella, with Lennie's death, the goal of
reaching this place is lost and George is sentenced to wander
alone, just like Adam and eve were…read more


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