Evaluation Themes

Some good points to make in an evaluation for BUS4

Includes Exchange rates, unemployment figs, inflation etc...

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Exchange Rate:
This month: £1: 1.13 2005: £1: 1.47
This month: £1: $1.53 2005: £1: $1.91
The weak pound makes imports less attractive
Currently 3.7% - 17-month high
Ideally 2%
Was 1.1% in Sept 2009
Interest Rate:
Currently 0.5%
This makes borrowing more attractive
Was 3% in Nov 2009
Price of Oil:
One barrel costs $147
This was $10 in 1198 and $50 in 2008
Emerging Markets:
BRIC- perfect time to set up business here, especially due to weak pound
Brazil: 10th biggest economy, Cadbury, Sleek
India: 1 billion people, Marmite, Vodafone, export trade worth £6bn/a
Unemployment Rate:
8% in the UK
Was 5% in Dec 2008
0.2% in 2010
-2.5% in 2009
We are technically out of a recession but a double-dip is feared
Also consider sectoral differences, legislation, etc.


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