Evaluation of Learning theory of attachment

just really brief notes to recall memory on the evaluation

using IEJ (Identify, explain, justify)

useful method to organise the evaluation

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Learning theory evaluation:
I= Adequate outline
E= simple to understand and widely accepted
J= Therefore contributes well to our understanding of attachment
I= Food not main reinforce
E= Harlowe's monkeys (see Bowlby evaluation) ­ Fake monkeys, monkeys
preffered comfort over food
J= Indicates that comfort is more important than first thought
I= Monkeys not same as humans
E= humans are more complex, over simplified
J= therefore it is reductionist because it over simplifies complex human
behaviours of attachment
I=Schaffer and Emmerson (1964)
E=Observed 60 babies from mainly workingclass homes in Glasgow for a
period of about a year
J=Therefore "cupboard love" may not be the most likely explanation


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