Evaluation of industrialisation in Russia

Motives, objections, advantages and disadvantages

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Motives for Objections to Russian Russian
industrialisation industrialisation advantages in disadvantages in
economic economic
development development.
The Russian failure in The autocratic fear of Serf emancipation
the Crimean war a `landless proletariat'.
highlighted the
country's industrial
Russia's European The RussoTurkish Setting up of a more The county's economy
rivals were about in the war showed how modern banking was hold back by
process of industrial perilous Russia's system. serfdom and they
revolutions which financial stability was. lacked a large
would increase their Reutern resigned in educated middle class.
military capacity both 1878 when the rouble
through increased declined in value.
productivity and the
fast pace of technology
Some cities showed Ministers of the Russia was the world's The country was so
rapid growth (Kiev Interior opposed it as leading oil producer. large that
doubled in size they were concerned And the BakuBatum industrialisation would
between 1861 and about social unrest and railway allowed oil require a massive
1874 and Moscow many reactionaries exports. investment and the
tripled in size between also opposed it. government did not
1846 and 1879 have the money
because of their
economy and the
Crimean war.
They needed to Russia had lots of They did not have an
develop their own natural recourses such ice free port which
recourses rather than as Gold, oil, coal would have given them
rely on others and copper and iron. an uninterrupted trade
agricultural depression route.
showed they needed
to develop alternative
sources of wealth.


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