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Sample Evaluation for Exo and Endo of Sleep Essay
There is a debate over whether the sleep-wake cycle is governed mainly by endogenous
pacemakers or exogenous zeitgebers, although both obviously have an effect. This subject has been
studied in various pieces of research, with contrasting findings. Michel Siffre studied the effect of the
endogenous pacemakers on the sleep-wake cycle. He spent 6 months in a cave away from natural
light and social cues, therefore removing the role of exogenous zeitgebers to his sleep-wake cycle.…read more

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SCN and the pineal gland have a huge impact on the sleep wake
Aside from the endogenous pacemakers, external factors know as exogenous zeitgebers also have
an impact on the sleep wake cycle. Social cues have an impact as sow by Luce and Segal. They studied
the Arctic Circle, where the sun never sets in summer, yet the people still sleep for 7 hours a night.…read more


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