Evaluation of Ainsworth

The evaluation of Ainsworth's theory

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Evaluation of Ainsworth's Strange situation
I = Ainsworth Maternal sensitivity scale to rate behaviours and look at how
sensitivity has an impact on attachment type
E=Mothers of secure ­ more sensitive. Avoidant ­ mothers more rejecting and
pay less attention. Resistant ­ mothers more preoccupied
J= Strong correlation between sensitivity and attachment type.
I = Slade et al (2005) low correlations between sensitivity and strength of
E= maternal reflexive functioning ­ empathy
J= Maternal reflexive functioning ­ main mechanism in establishing attachment
I = Questionable internal validity
E= Main and Weston suggested it is testing RELATIONSHIP rather than
J= this study may not be internally valid
I= ethical issues may arise, however falls within ethics committee guidelines
E= babies put in situations of mild distress. However no more stressfull than
real life, psychological harm
J= Important study, ethical issues no more stressfull than some real life
I= it is consistent
E= Interrater reliability 0.94 agreement between observers. Experienced

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J=Research can be considered reliable which means that the study can be
repeated and related to real life.…read more


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