Catering Evaluation Notes

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Catering Evaluation Notes
How would customers regard the meal in terms of appearance, flavour and texture? Ask four people
to taste your courses and record the results on a star diagram. Analyse the star diagram.
Correct number of portions
Portion size
Use of correct sized dishes for amounts of food
Attractive garnish or decoration
Whether the food was hot/cold/set as needed
The effect of the whole table
Did the two courses complement each other
Would it be acceptable for paying customers?
Find out the nutritional content of your two courses. Comment on whether they are healthy,
unhealthy. Why is this? What changes could you have made? You must show nutritional knowledge.
Include ideas from the standards for school dinners.
Costing ­ You need to calculate the cost per portion per dish (separately)
Selling price. Work out the selling price, use formula and show working out. Comment on profit
margins you would expect to make if working in a commercial establishment.
The selling price of food is calculated according to the amount of profit that an establishment wants
to make. This is because selling price has to take into account:
The actual food cost/cost of ingredients
Overheads such as gas, rates, electricity etc.
Labour costs/staff wages
Suggestions for improvement
What improvements would you make to the courses to make them more acceptable to
As a customer would you appreciate a bigger portion, different type of serving dish, a more
interesting garnish or decoration for presentation an additional side dish i.e. salad, dip?
Could you improve the dishes nutritive value?
Could you improve the costs by using cheaper substitute ingredients
Was it too dry, could you add a sauce? Did you vary the textures?


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