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Evaluating left and right
realism…read more

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Left Realism
· Left realism has three sections ­ Relative
deprivation, marginalisation and
subculture.…read more

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Relative Deprivation
· Relative deprivation is the thought that
revolutions only occur when the poor
became aware that they were poor and
just how different their lives were to that of
the rich.
· Awareness of relative poverty leads to
revolution…read more

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· The situation where certain groups are
more likely to suffer deprivation than
others in economic, social and political
ways.…read more

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· Subcultures develop amongst groups who
suffer from relative deprivation and
· Lea and Young ­ These subcultures are
made up of people who subscribe to the
values of society, but are blocked off from
wider society…read more

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· Street crime and burglary, committed
largely by young males…read more

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