Evaluating Comunication

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Emails vs. Memorandum
Benefits Drawbacks
Simple- You cannot miss it if it is on the receiver may not get the memo
your desk sender could have incorrectly sent
It is short and personal the memo
It can act as an reminder memo may contain misleading
information if worded incorrectly
Benefits Drawbacks
Cost effective, no paper or ink cost You can receive spam and viruses
Can be sent globally Emails can be accidentally sent to
Can be sent and seen at any time the wrong person(s)
of the day, when access to the The tone or content can be taken
internet. in the wrong content or context
Other files can be attached Emails can be forwarded to people
A blind or carbon copy can be sent that you did not want to receive the
Email can also be tracked and
recovered and used against you.
Graphic software
Benefits Drawbacks
Numerous features available, to Professional graphics are expensive
create professional images and Can be difficult to use.
graphics. Lots of complex features
Can create original, copyright-free Need a high-specification computer
logos and images to run the software
Can make documents look
DTP software
Benefits Drawbacks
High quality documents Software can be expensive to
No need to employee an expensive purchase
designer A high quality printer is needed, to
Wizards and templates allow print effectually
non-expert staff to create Staff requires expensive training in
documents quickly and easily. order to use it.
Presentation software

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Benefits Drawbacks
Templates are provided, which look Software and hardware can be
professional. expensive
Presentation software is user Training maybe needed for staff to
friendly. use it
Effects can improve the impact of People often become carried away
the presentation with the effect available, resulting
Charts, tables, images and in an unprofessional way.…read more


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