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EUTHANASIA…read more

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Definitions and Key Terms
A "good death"
An action or omission that by its nature or
intention causes death with the purpose of
putting an end to all suffering.
Involuntary- person does not wish life to be
ended but wishes are ignored (Nazi regime)
Non-Voluntary - person unable to express
wishes but life ended. (PSV ­ permanent
vegative state)
Voluntary - person chooses to end their lives.…read more

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Active Euthanasia
To take an active step with the intention of
killing the patient
E.g. Injecting Potassium Chloride to induce a
heart attack
Illegal in Britain but legal in Holland.
"Assisted Suicide"
"Mercy Killing"…read more

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Passive Euthanasia
The withdrawal of life prolonging treatment
from the patient.
Not illegal if judged by doctor to be better to
die naturally from illness than to live.
Continued life is sometimes worse than death
Illegal if not in best interests of patient.…read more

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Issues- Killing and Let Die
Patients have the right to refuse treatment
Patient not legally obliged to do all they can to
stay alive
E.g. Refusing cancer treatment
Turning off life support machines…read more

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