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Unit 7: Medical Ethics
Euthanasia: Gentle, easy death; mercy-killing [Eu ­ good, thanatos ­ death]

Active: Positive steps to end someone's life (E.g. Giving lethal injection/Fatal dose of drugs), illegal in UK

Passive: Withdrawing treatment to hasten the end of someone's life
Withdrawal of extraordinary treatment is acceptable (E.g.…

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AGAINST euthanasia:

1. Life is a gift from God and is to be taken away only by God. No one has the right to destroy it.
"If we live, we live to the Lord and if we die, we die to the Lord, so whether we live or die,…

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Responses to someone who wants euthanasia

Encourage to live
Read Bible together ­ understand more about the Sanctity of Life
Go to church for more support
Talk to family and friends
Suggest hospice care

Case Studies

1. Tony Bland ­ Last victim of Hillsborough disaster not enough police…


Miss KHP


Useful for most exam boards in the ethics part of the examination.

Great because the notes are very detailed and there are lots of quotes and what things mean e.g.

easy death; mercy-killing [Eu – good, thanatos – death]

Have a read!


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