Eukaryotic Cells

This is a story me and my friend wrote to help us remember the different organelles within the Eukaryotic Cell.

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Humpty Dumpty Story
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, so the entire `Humpty Clan' was called
to help repair him in time for the great grand show.
Numpty Nucleus was left in charge to give instructions to the entire
`Humpty Clan' in order to put Humpty together again.
The horses helped the Numpties to move around acting as the Flagella.
The Mumpties have been given a job role to drive poor Humpty to the
hospital via `Ambulance Mumpty.' These are a bit like Microtubules, which
transport things around.
`Ambulance Mumpty' arrives at the speed of light to Rumpty Ribosomes,
who are waiting to create a new egg shell (As Ribosomes make proteins).
Unfortunately, they realise at the last minute that RER has arrived late
as he slept in, so the cast took longer than expected to be made. The RER
transports the cast to the operation theatre.
Ribosome Rumpty then called in Lysosome Lumpty to get rid of excess
fat and glue used to create the new egg shell.
Gumpty Apparatus is called in at the end to modify if Humpty is safe to
go home.
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