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Voice of the genome
-Notes…read more

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· Eukaryotic (Animal and plant cells):
· Organisms with eukaryotic cells are called
· -sometimes called; "Good carrier bag" i.e. with a
· Structure- 10µm
· Ultra structure- nucleus, nucleolus, cytoplasm
(cytosol), mitochondria, chloroplasts, ribosomes,
smooth and rough endoplasmic reticulum,
cytoskeleton, Golgi apparatus, lysosomes, vacuole
(plants), cell membrane, cell wall.…read more

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Prokaryotic cells
· Prokaryotic (Bacteria and cyanobacteria
· -sometimes called; "before carrier bag" i.e.
without a nucleus.
· Structure- very small,
· Ultra structure- cell wall, cell membrane,
chromosomes (one strand of DNA), a simple
flagella or cilia, ribosomes…read more

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Prokaryotic Eukaryotic
Small cell (<5µm) Larger cells (>10µm)
ALWAYS unicellular Sometimes can be multicellular
DNA is circular, without proteins DNA is linear and associated with
proteins which forms chromatin
Small ribosomes Large ribosomes
Don't have a cytoskeleton Always have a cytoskeleton
Motility by a rotating flagella Motility by a flexible, waving
made from flagellin undulipodium made of tubulin
Cell division is binary fission Cell division is by mitosis or
Reproduction is always asexual Reproduction can be sexual OR
Huge variety of metabolic pathways Common metabolic pathways.
No nucleus or any membrane-bound Always has a nucleus and other
organelles e.g. mitochondria membrane-bound organelles…read more

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· http://www.mterasaki.
· http://biology.about.
· http://library.thinkquest.
· http://www.biologymad.
com/cells/ultrastructure.htm…read more


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