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The European Union…read more

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Stages in the Development
of the European Union
The European Coal and Steel
European Economic Community
European Community
European Union…read more

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1951, the European Coal and Steel Community
(ECSC) was set up, with six members: Belgium,
West Germany, Luxembourg, France, Italy and
the Netherlands.
The power to take decisions about the coal and
steel industries in these countries was placed in
the hands of an independent body called the
"High Authority".…read more

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In 1957 Belgium, Germany, France,
Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands
signed the Treaty of Rome to form the
European Economic Community (EEC)
The aim was to create a single common
market.…read more

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In 1957 the European Atomic Energy
Community (EURATOM) was also
created by the six countries with the
aim of co-operating in atomic energy.…read more

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The European Community
In 1967 the EEC, ECSC and EURATOM
were merged together under the EEC
In 1993 the European Economic
Community became the European
Community when the Treaty on
European Union (the Maastricht Treaty)
came into force.…read more

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