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European Law…read more

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Most European law comes from the
European Community although
sometimes reference is incorrectly
made to European Union law.
Many textbooks will refer to European
law as EC law.…read more

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Types of European Law
There are four main types of European
The Treaties
The Directives
The final court of appeal for any matter
involving European law is the Court of
Justice.…read more

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The Treaties
The Treaties are often used together
to form a type of constitution for the
European Union.
Many of the rules governing European
law are found in the EC Treaty (the
name for the Treaty of Rome since
1993).…read more

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The European Union has the right to issue
directives under Article 249 (ex 189) of the
EC Treaty. [The term ex 189 means that this
was the Article's number under the original
Treaty of Rome.]
A directive must not break a Treaty. If a
directive is against a Treaty then the Court
of Justice can annul it.…read more

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Introducing Directives
Member States must pass their own laws
within a time limit to implement the
How the Member States introduce the
directive in their own country is up to them.
This enables each Member State to
introduce it in the way that they believe will
suit their own legal system the best.…read more

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