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Ethnicity…read more

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2001 census
· The 1st census to ask about religious beliefs
­ 74% of Muslim religion was `very important'
­ 45% of Hindu
­ Only 11% of white people described themselves as
belonging to the church of England…read more

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Importance of religion
1. Family
1) Family 2. Education
2) Work 3. Religion
3) Age
4) Interests
Black Christians
5) Education
6) Nationality
7) Gender
8) Income
9) Social class 1. Family
10) Religion 2. Religion
White Christians…read more

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Bird: Explanations for higher religiosity
1) Origins
· Many ethnic groups come from societies with high levels of
E.g. Pakistan, Bangladesh, India
2) Solidarity
· Religion can act as a basis for community solidarity when you
belong to a minority group
E.g. Important social functions (network, marriage partners, social
welfare)…read more

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3) Identity
· Religion maintains cultural identity
E.g. Language, art, marriage, cooking, etc
4) Pressure
· Religion is maintained through socialization
E.g. Family pressure to stay religious
5) Oppression
· Religious beliefs can help people deal with social oppression
(`opium of the masses')
E.g. African-Caribbean adjust to UK where they face
discrimination & injustice…read more

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Weber: Explanations for higher religiosity
· Immigrants had high levels of belief before they
migrated to UK
· Members of deprived groups
· Religion = explanation for disadvantage
= offers hope of salvation…read more

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