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Religion and Ethnicity…read more

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A study by the Policy Studies Institute
found that 74% of Muslim men believed
religion was very important.
Amongst Muslim men over the age of 35
most said there religion was very
important and visit the Mosque at least
once a week.
Why is religion important to the
immigrant population?
People had high levels of belief before
Religion helps bond new communities.
Religion and Community…read more

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Caribbean's were mainly Christian
before arriving in GB but couldn't
get into the existing institutions
due to racism.
GB doesn't cater for religions
such as Hindu's, Sikhs and
Muslims. Has a much greater
needs for Christian needs.
Modood points out that for Asian
groups there faith is a key part of
their identity unlike Afro ­
Religion and Ethnic Identity…read more

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Most Second
respondents didn't
regularly attend a
place of worship.
Society is to
Some Asians spoke of
fragmented to
going to the Mosque
compare ethnic
etc to avoid criticism.
When asked how they
Fewer second
generation The Second saw themselves
virtually no second
members said Generation generation Sikhs
religion was
important to them. (Modood) mentioned there
religions.…read more

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Johal Butler
(1998) (1995)
Researched young
Johal believes that in Muslim woman and
countries such as GB found that they
religious pluralism is embraced their
still a long way off. religion but reject
outdated customs.
They found wearing a
People gain power Veil gave them a
from being religious sense of identity and
and choose the culture felt less pressure to
they want. conform ideas of
Empowerment Through Difference…read more

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dy Many of the jobs that
were taken by Muslim
migrants are now not
s e
70% of Muslims feel
that people are
judging them
because of 9/11.
Muslims Religion offers a
permanent security
and offers answers
People judge they
faith and feel
In and hope.
Metcalf surveyed
It gave them a sense
Muslims in the UK
of unity and a
about the increased
chance to meet
importance of
similar people.
religion.…read more

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