ethnicity and education achievement

notes on ethnicity and educational achievement.

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Ethnicity and educational achievement.
High achievers Low achievers
· Chinese, African Asian and Indians are more · Bangladeshi and Pakistani women are the least
qualified than whites. qualified
· Ethics are more likely than whites to go on to · afrocarribean, Pakistani and Bangladeshi are
further education. the least qualified men.
· Afrocarribean boys are more likey to be
excluded and put into lower sets or vocational
Internal factors
Labelling and teacher racism
to label someone is to attach a meaning or definition to them. Teachers may attach labels to pupils such
as troublemaker and cooperative. It has been found that ethnic minorities are given different labels. For
example black pupils are often labelled as trouble makers and Asian pupils as passive. Negative labels
may lead to the self fulfilling prophecy or the teacher teaching students differently.
Black pupils
Gillborn found teachers were quicker to discipline black students. Gillborn and Youdell argue
different labels and actions are due to teachers racialised expectations. Teachers expected black pupils
to need discipline as they thought they were more likely to challenge authority. They argue much of the
conflict between white teachers and black pupils is from racial stereotypes and not students actions.
Foster found that due to the teachers stereotyping bad behaviour they were placed in lower set and
therefore achieved less.
Asian pupils
Wright studied a multiethnic schools which was proud on giving equal opportunities but the teachers
still labelling certain ethnicities. Teachers assumed Asian pupils will have a poor grasp on English and
therefore leave them out of discussion and speak down to them. Teachers also expressed their
disapproval of their culture and ignored them especially girls.
There are two ways to approach a label you can either except it therefore fulfilling the self fulfilling
prophecy or you can work hard to not become the label.
Fuller and Mac and Ghaill
in fullers observation of year 11 black girls he found instead of becoming the negative label and
therefore low achieving they worked extra hard for educational success. They did not seek approval of
teachers or limit there pear group. This highlights two thing pupils can succeed if they don't conform
and negative labels don't always lead to failure. You can reject the self fulfilling prophecy. Mac and
Ghaill researched black and Asian sixth form students and found similar results. They were given
negative labels and didn't conform to them.
the ethnocentric curriculum
the term ethnocentric means it is only one culture and one viewpoint from a certain ethnic group
ignoring others. Troyna and Williams describes the curriculum as a British ethnocentric because it
give priority to the white culture and English language. Ball argued the curriculum ignores other
cultures and ethnic diversity and promote england and history is all about the empire and not black or
Asian history. Some argue the ethnocentric curriculum is a example of institutional racism.
External factors.

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Cultural deprivation some ethnic minorities underachieve because of inadequate socialisation of
Low income black families lack intellectual stimulation and enriching experiences, this not developing
the required reasoning and problem solving skills. Bereiter and Engelmann argue due to the way
black families talk at home e.g. slang, ungrammatical it will lead to educational failure.…read more


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