Ethnicity and criminalisation

  • Ethinicity and crimimalisation (policing, stop and search, arrests, trials, ect)
  • Left realism: Lea and young
  • Gilroy: the myth of black criminality
  • Hal et al: the policing crisis (Neo marxism)
  • Ethnicity and victimisation
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Ethnicity and Criminalisation
Official statistics show that Black and Asian people are more likely to be involved in criminal
activity. Black people are 7 times more likely to be stopped and searched than white people
and three and a half times more likely to be jailed.

Victim surveys are useful…

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o In High discretion stops, police act without specific intelligence, officers use
their stereotypes that making law enforcement seem discriminatory and
o Demographic Factors: Ethnic minorities are over-represented in the population
groups who are most likely to be stopped, such as the young, the unemployed,
manual worker and urban…

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Black males were five times more likely to be in prison than whites and receive longer
Amongst ethnic minorities they are more likely to be kept on remand and not granted bail
before they wait for trial.


Large scale migration from the Caribbean and…

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In the early 1970's capitalism faced a crisis due to inflation rates and rising unemployment
increasing widespread conflict and unrest.
When opposition to capitalism begins to grow in these times the ruling class many need to
use force to maintain control in a way regarded legitimate.
The 1970's saw the…


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