Ethnicity and Crime

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Latifah Davis-Cole
Ethnicity & Crime
Statistics (helpful to use in an intro essay)
Black people make up 2.8% of the population, but 11% of the prison population
Asians make up 4.7% of the population, but make up 6% of the prison population
White people are under-represented at all stages of the criminal justice process
Blacks are 7 times more likely to stopped and searched compared to white
Victim Surveys Self-report studies
Victim surveys ask individual what Ask people to disclose their own
crime they have been victim of dishonest and violent beh.
(usually within the past 12 months) Graham and Bowling (1995) found
that blacks 43% and whites 44%
had very similar rates of
They rely on victims' memory of
events. Bowling and Phillips think
that white victims may Limitations:
`over-identify' blacks ­ saying the People may lie
offender was black even if they Over exaggerate on the incident
are not sure *give example*
They only cover personal crimes,
which only make up 1/5 of all crimes
Incl. under 16s, minority ethnic
groups contain a higher proportion
of young people
Ethnicity, racism and the criminal justice system
Explaining stop and search patterns:
Police racism: The Macpherson Report 1999 ­ Investigation on the racist murder of the
black teenager Stephen Lawrence that there was institutional racism within the Metropolitan
Arrest and cautions: Figures for England and Wales show that in 2006/7the arrest rate for
blacks was 3.6 times the rate for whites. Once arrested, blacks and Asians were less likely
than whites to receive a caution.
Trial: When cases go ahead, members of minority ethnic groups are more likely to elect for
trial before a jury in the Crown Court.
Explaining Differences In Offending

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Latifah Davis-Cole
Left Realism: the statistics represent real differences in rates of offending
Neo Marxism: Statistics are a social construct resulting from racist labelling and
discrimination in the criminal justice system
Left Realists Neo-Marixsm
Lea and Young: Gilroy: the myth of black criminality
Crime statistics show real differences A myth created by racist stereotypes
in the level of offending of Afro-Caribs + Asians
Crime is a product of: Relative No more criminal than any other
Deprivation, Subculture and The result of police and criminal
Marginalisation…read more

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Latifah Davis-Cole
Downes and Rock:
Criticise Hall for his inconsistency
claiming that black street crime was
not rising but also that it was becos
of unemployment
Don't provide evidence of the public
panicking or blaming crime on the
Ethnicity and Victimisation
Racist victimisation occurs when an individual is targeted because of their race,
ethnicity or religion
Brought into public focus when the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence happened in
1993 ­ Macpherson 1993
Police recorded 61,000 racist incidents in England and Wales in…read more


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