Ethnicity and Crime

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RC = ruling class

WWC = white collar crime

CJS = criminal justice system

EMs = ethnic minorities

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Ethnicity and Crime
Define, Decode, Signpost
Criminal behaviour is an act which breaks a formal law, such as murder, whereas deviant behaviour is
that which breaks a norm. Definitions of crime and deviance are socially constructed their definitions
are culturally determined. Official statistics show some interesting differences between ethnic
groups, for example blacks are 7 times more likely to be arrested. When debating (DECODE). It is
also important to consider the major debate which is, are some ethnic minorities more likely to be
criminal or is the criminal justice system racist. In this essay I will discuss (DECODE).
OS demonstrates the following:
o Black and Asians are over represented in the CJS and prison population
o Asian crime rates are lower than blacks
o Blacks are 7x more likely to be arrested and 4x more likely to be stopped and searched
In addition to OS there are other forms of data:
Victim Survey's
o Ask what crime a person has been a victim of + give ethnicity of offender
o Surveys show blacks are more likely to be muggers and is intra-ethnic (within races rather
than between)
o They only cover personal crime which is 1/5 of crime
o Don't include under 16's or WCC
Self-report studies
o Ask people to disclose their criminal behaviour, these show similar offending rates between
o People may lie ­ date on ethnicity and crime is not clear.
Ethnicity and racism within CJS
o Consists of policing, arrests, trials and sentencing.
o Policing ­ EM's are over represented in stop and search, in relation to terrorism police are
more likely to stop and search Asians. EM's report being over policed and under protected.
o There are three explanations for this.
One: Policing
Police racism

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Macpherson report 1999 followed racist murder of a black teenager and found institutional
racism within the police.
o Many officers hold racist stereotypes leading to deliberate selective targeting.
Ethnic differences in offending
o Stopping and searching reflects the fact that some EM's are likely to be criminal.
Demographic factors
o The young, unemployed and urban dwellers are more likely to be stopped and searched and
EM's are over represented in these areas.
Two: Arrests and Changes
o Statistics show blacks are 3.…read more



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