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Ethnic Differences in
Schools- Material
Deprivation and Racism
By Siân Aston, Qudrat Khan,
Becky Rodwell, and Becca Fenn…read more

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Material Deprivation
· Material deprivation - lacking basic necessities due
to poverty.
· It is suggested that some ethnic minority households
have lower incomes than any other ethnic
households which means they are more likely to
experience material deprivation. Heaton & Lawson
(1996) suggest that Afro-Caribbean and Bangladeshi'
s underperform in comparison with Indians because
they experience a number of material problems such
as lack of key educational equipment and living in
`unsatisfactory' housing.…read more

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News Reports and Statistics
e s o f
0 0 cas 2 9 Manchester
40 , 0 r a p h
o r t le g Population 392,819 (2001)
l s r ep h e Te 81% white, 19% black and
o (T
Scho a year minority groups.
racis 09 ) 2007-8 stop and searches police
c t 2 0 say increase of 56.6% in people
OEaling stopped from white groups, and
Population 306,400 (2006) 69.9% in Asian groups, in a
59% white, 23% Asian, 8.6% year.
black. 2007-8 22.4% of all murder
Jan-Oct 2008: 3,247 stop and victims were black and 14.3%
searches; police say 53% were Asian.
white, 27% "Asian
appearance", 8% "black
2008 London mayoral elections
BNP came fifth, behind Greens.…read more

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· This clip is about brother and sister who have made this
video report about how having a different skin colour
makes them feel. They show pictures that they have
drawn which highlight how racism makes them feel.
They tell of the outcomes of racism and what they did
when people were racist towards them. They share their
opinions about why they think people are racist and offer
advice for what to do if you see someone being racist.
·…read more

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v=UoktRoxLF5M&feature=channel…read more


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