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Ethnicity and Achievement ­ External
Many sociologists argue that ethnic differences in achievement can best be explained by looking at
factors outside the school ­ in the home, family and culture of the child and the impact of wider

Cultural Deprivation
Cultural deprivation theory sees the under-achievement of some…

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Daniel Moynihan 1965
- Argues that because many black families are headed by a lone mother, their children are
deprived of adequate care
- This is because she has to struggle financially in the absence of a male breadwinner
- The father's absence also means that boys lack an adequate…

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Sutton Trust 2004
- 80% of 11-16 year old ethnic minority pupils aspired to go to university
- 68% of white pupils aspired to go to university
Lupton 2004
- Studied four mainly working class schools
- Two predominantly white, one serving a largely Pakistani community and the fourth

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- Anti-racist education: a policy that challenges the prejudice and discrimination that exists in
schools and wider society

Material Deprivation
Material deprivation means a lack of those physical necessities that are seen as essential of normal
for life in today's society. Working class are more likely to face poverty and…

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This helps to explain why members of ethnic minorities are more likely to face unemployment and
low pay, and this in turn has a negative effect on their children's educational prospects


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