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Ethics summer task
`Ethical language is meaningless' Discuss
Hume and his fork. unless you can have a physical experience of something then talking about it
is meaningless. He talks about statements like 'God is love' and stuff like that, and how they're
meaningless because God can't be experienced empiricism

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People who take a NonCognitive approach to meta ethics disagree with the
suggestion that ethical language includes statements about facts.
Those who support NonCognitivist theories believe that ethical statements
cannot be proved as they are only expressions of emotions or prescriptive
A.J Ayer supported the theory of Emotivism ,…

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If the moral value of good is fact, then it is true for everyone.
There are three ways that categorised moral ethics, Descriptive, Normative
and Meta.
Descriptive just describes a fact, for example (if there was a fact) "most car
crimes happen in unemployed areas" then the fact would be…

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. To be honest Ayer believed meaningless statements are a matter of
opinion rather than moral belief.
For instance if a person says that "drugs is bad for you" it's the same as
saying "I don't like drugs". Emotivism therefore believes that our attitudes
towards certain acts cannot be verified…


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