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· Relativist.
· `The greatest happiness for the greatest number'.
· Devised by Jeremy Bentham.
· Hedonistic Utilitarianism Pleasure = good Pain = evil
· Hedonic Calculus duration, intensity, remoteness, certainty, richness, purity,
extent.…read more

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Act ultlitarianism
· The amount of pleasure or pain an act
will bring about.
· `Principle of Utility' - right or wrongness
is devised by it's usefulness.…read more

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Rule utilitarianism
· Devised by Mill.
· Distinguished between higher & lower pleasures.
· High - associated with the mind.
· Low - associated with the body.
· Took human nature into account.…read more

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· It is reasonable to link morality with the pursuit of
happiness & aversion to pain.
· It is a democratic morality, a common sense, easy
to grasp system designed to be practically applied
to situations.…read more

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· It relies on accurate predictions of the future, which
humans don't have.
· Measuring pleasures if more complex than it
· It is questionable whether an act can be declared
good by the tests of the hedonic calculus.
· A religious view might maintain that morality should
be focused on God & not on human happiness.…read more

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