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Ethical Relativism
Morality is relative
No objective moral truth
No set of absolute moral laws
Subjective ­ depends on the circumstance
Not one universally binding moral code
Good is what is socially acceptable `SOCIAL CONTRACT THEORY'


Sophists in the 5th century argued that morality varies between places, times and…

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Take into account the individual Cannot criticize other cultures
circumstances of situations
Realistic with a concern in the telos Difficult to condemn the morality of others
(outcomes) of an act e.g. Nazi Germany the acts were purely evil
but could be considered `culturally relative'
No other reason for morality other…

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One set of moral absolutes
Rules have to followed regardless of place or time
Certain things are right or wrong from an objective point of view
Deontological ­ concerned with the morality of the act itself, consequences are irrelevant
A crime is a crime no matter what


Theist ­…


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