Ethical Notes on Gene Screening

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The gene screening could cut the number of babes born with CF by half
In Edinburgh the screening cut CF sufferers born from 4.6 to 1.6 a year
Screening is already in place for Down's and Spina Bifida. In the latter's case it cut
cases by 95%
It would save money for the NHS in the long run
It would relieve stress on parents who had CF suffering children
Carriers who have a non-suffering baby could choose not to have further children
Abortion is considered by many to be amoral
It gives the parents a very difficult choice
It smacks of Eugenics, the breeding of the `perfect human race'
Ethical points of view:
The idea of an embryo's right to life is very blurred. Religious people tend to argue
against aborting.
Utilitarianists would take it on a case by case basis, believing that it is probably
right in some circumstances and wrong in others
Autonomists would promote the idea that it is the choice of the couple on whether
they have their children genetically screened
Someone trying to live a virtuous life would probably choose not to have a baby
screened, preferring to take the child as it comes and make the best of it, caring
for it as well as is possible, regardless of health.

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