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n and
Of Alcohols
.…read more

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0 Definition: the reaction of an alcohol with a carboxylic
acid to produce an ester
0 Conditions:
0 Alcohol warmed with acid
0 Presence of an acid catalyst (often conc. Sulphuric
acid)…read more

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Bond Breaking
0 During this reaction the O-H bond in alcohol is broken
so that the hydrogen atom can join with the O-H
group in a carboxylic acid to form a water molecule.
Acid Ester
Alcohol…read more

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Naming Esters
0 Alcohol = Alkyl group
0 Carboxylic Acid = Alkanoate group
0 So Pentan-1-ol and ethanoic acid make Pentyle
ethanoate…read more

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Ester Preparation
0 Add 1cm³ of both the alcohol and carboxylic acid into
a boiling tube.
0 Add a few drops of conc. Sulphuric acid
0 Place the boiling tube in a water bath at about 80°C
for 5 mins
0 Pour solution into a beaker of cold water
0 The oil floating on top is a sweet smelling ester.…read more

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Uses of Esters
0 Esters can be used as adhesives and solvents in the
chemical industry.
0 They can also be used as flavourings and perfumes.
0 Octyle ethanoate is responsible for the smell of
0 Pentyl ethanoate makes a banana smell…read more

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