Essential Nutrients Mindmap

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3 nutritional needs:
1. chem. enrgy for cellular
Nutrition 2. org. building blocks of
3. essential nutrients (cannot be
synthesised by animal but must be
consumed from other sources
already preassembled)
Essential fatty acids
Essential Nutrients
Essential Amino Acids
(Organic Molecules required in
diet in small amounts. Minerals (Inorganic Nutrients)
Many serve as coenzymes or
parts of coenzymes)
Mg- in enzyme that splits ATP Iodine - specifically to make thyroid
B Vitamins (conezymes) Vitamin C (production for hormones, which reg. metabolic
connective tissue) rate
Na, K and Cl - important for nerves
and maintaining osmotic balance
Vitamin A (incorporated into the between cells and surrounding fluid.
visual pigments of eye)
Vitamin K (blood clotting)
Vitamin D (aids in Ca absorption
and bone formation)


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